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The employer module is available to businesses, schools and organizations in the area for a nominal fee. This user-friendly tool:

·     Allows employees to simply select their employer from a drop-down list of companies

·     Generates matches within the company by exclusively matching employees with co-workers

·     Allows employees to also look for carpool partners within the general Metro Rideshare database

·     Places company’s logo on customizable MyPage

·     Accesses company specific reports of reductions in emissions such as carbon dioxide

·     Easily tracks employee trips and mileage saved

Employers who support carpooling will enjoy many benefits including:

·      Reduced employee turnover and absenteeism

·       Increased employee productivity

·       Stronger work relationships

·       An attractive recruiting tool

·       Tax benefits on parking available to employers and employees for carpool participants  cf., 26 USC Section 132(f)

·       Enhanced corporate image through community benefits

•          It’s green

•          Saves money

•          Reduces congestion

•          Increases mobility

•          Reduces parking demand

•          Community-minded