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Explore what benefits ridesharing can do for you! 

1. You can save money!

  • Carpoolers can save over $2,700 a year with a 10 mile one-way commute by carpooling 5 days a week

2. Enjoy extra time to read, chat, take a nap, do some work, or relax.

  •  By sharing the driving with other carpool members, your commute can be an opportunity to catch up on things you normally couldn't if driving yourself.

3. Reduces wear and tear on your vehicle.

  • By sharing the responsibility of driving with one or more people you won't be driving your vehicle as much which means less maintanance and other repairs.

4. Helps reduce emissions, traffic, and the stress of the commute.

  • With less cars on the road, the five county MAPA region will see less harmful ozone emissions, the roadways won't be so full, and there is no longer a need to worry about the drive to work.