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Website Difficulties

If you encounter difficulties with the website, please contact MetrO! Rideshare at with a detailed description of the problem and, if possible, a screenshot of the error.  A screenshot can be captured by pressing the “Print Screen” key on a PC, or “Command-Shift-3” on a Mac.  MAPA staff will follow up with you to resolve the problem.

Guaranteed Ride Home enrollment

To enroll in the Guaranteed Ride Home program, navigate to “My Page,” and under the “Features and Tools” box, position your cursor above “File Downloads.”  Select the “Guaranteed Ride Home Registration Form,” and a Word document version of the file will download.  If you encounter difficulty downloading the form, contact MAPA staff at, or have the form filled out over the phone by calling (402) 444-6866.

General Support and Guaranteed Ride Home requests

For general support questions or to request a Guaranteed Ride Home trip, contact MAPA staff at or (402) 444-6866.